Documentos relativos al cese de la intervencion inglesa en el Rio de la Plata, acompañados de dos cartas al muy honorable Lord Howden, sobre el mismo asunto.

Various documents including letters from John Howden (with Spanish translations) and Manuel Oribe, concerning the withdrawal of British troops from the Rio de la Plata, the acceptance of the armistice by Manuel Oribe and its refusal by the Government of Montevideo, and the propositions of the armistice. All dated July 1847, and signed 'El Redactor Principal del "Comercio del Plata"'
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Anon.,
Date: 1847
Place of Publication: Montevideo
Publisher: Imprenta de "Comercio del Plata."
Number of Pages: 17
Translation/Edition Details: Second Edition
Theme: Political Culture
Country/Region: Uruguay
Keywords: Manuel Oribe, John Hobart Caradoc Baron Howden, Peace, Armed Forces, International Relations
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