Noticias de Europa. Extracto de una gazeta inglesa, re-mitida al Excmo. Sr. Pirey D Santiago Liniers, por el Comondante Richard Lee de los buquès de S M B. que cruzan en este Rio.

News of the French campaigns in Spain, including an update of the Spanish advantage at Zaragoza, dated 5 August, followed by 'Diario de los ataques de Zaragoza', containing a daily summary of the French attacks on the city, dated between 26 June and 5 July, and the movement of French troops through various Spanish towns including Tarragona, Manresa and Muntgat, dated 25 July. Possibly published 1809
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Anon.,
Place of Publication: Buenos Aires
Publisher: Imprenta de Niños Expósitos
Number of Pages: 3
Translation/Edition Details: Reprint
Theme: Political Culture
Country/Region: Latin America
Keywords: Armed Forces, Napoleon I, Independence, Imperialism
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