Observations on occurrences in the River Plate, as connected with the foreign agents and the Anglo-French intervention.

Commentary on the actions and inactions of foreign citizens and diplomatic agents in the Rio de la Plata, including Commodore Purvis, the writings of Sir Woodbine Parish and publications of the 'British Packet' and 'Gazette Mercantile', and the social and economic conditions and consequences of the government of Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rosas, including relations, trade and immigration between the Rio de la Plata, Europe and North America. Possible author, Florencio Varela
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Anon.,
Date: 1843
Place of Publication: Montevideo
Publisher: "National" Printing Office
Number of Pages: 17
Translation/Edition Details: Possibly translated from the French of Florencia Varela, by Mr. Archbald
Theme: Political Culture, Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Argentina
Keywords: Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rosas, Manuel Oribe, Government Administration, Federalism, International Commerce, International Relations, Immigration
URI: http://liberalism-in-americas.org/id/eprint/177
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