Curso elemental de agricultura para el uso de los colegios y escuelas populáres, traducido del ingles por Francisco S. Astaburuaga.

Book in two sections, setting out elementary lessons for educating children about agriculture. The first section contains 'Química y Geología Rurales, o sea en sus relaciones con la Agricultura', a translation of 'Catechism of agricultural chemistry and geology', presented by James Finlay Weir Johnston at Washington D.C., 1850. The second section contains 'Gramas o Plantas Gramíneas', a translation of 'A Discourse on the character, properties, and importance to man, of the natural family of plants called Gramineae, or true grasses', possibly by William Darlington
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Solano Asta-Buruaga y Cienfuegos, Francisco
Date: 1853
Place of Publication: Serena
Publisher: Imprenta del "Instituto"
Number of Pages: 91
Translation/Edition Details: Second edition, translated from the English by Francisco Solano Asta-Buruaga y Cienfuegos. First edition published New York, April 1850
Theme: Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Chile
Latin America
Keywords: Education, Agriculture, Domestic Commerce
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