Ley hipotecaria de la República oriental del Uruguay promulgada por el Exmo. Gobierno Provisorio en 27 de mayo de 1865, con una breve exposicion de los motivos.

Details of the Mortgages Act, passed by the provisional government on 27 May 1865. Including details of privileges and the graduation of creditors
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Narvaja, Tristán
Date: 1867
Place of Publication: Montevideo
Publisher: Imprenta de El Pueblo
Number of Pages: 14
Translation/Edition Details: 2nd edition
Theme: Political Culture, Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Uruguay
Keywords: Constitutionalism, Civil Law, Government Administration, Property, Capital
URI: http://liberalism-in-americas.org/id/eprint/258
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