El Borra-Huellas, ó sistema general de reparacion de los caminos publicos propuesto al Gobierno Argentino.

Manuel Ricardo Trelles' proposed system for repairing public roads, including details of the proposed system, an experimental review commission, the report from the commission, the decree issued in view of the previous report, the challenge to the commissioners, the decrees naming a new commission, and the report of the second committee
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Trelles, Manuel Ricardo
Date: 1865
Place of Publication: Buenos Aires
Publisher: Imprenta de la Sociedad Tipográfica Bonaerense
Number of Pages: 13
Theme: Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Argentina
Keywords: Government Institutions, Public Services, Infrastructure, Capital
URI: http://liberalism-in-americas.org/id/eprint/312
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