Respuesta del Gobierno de Buenos Ayres a la oferta de mediacion anglo-francesa y Apuntes sobre esta respuesta por un ciudadano.

Discussion of Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rosas' rejection of French and English mediation to end the civil war. Including the text of a note written by minister Felipe Arana to the French and English plenipotentiaries, dated Buenos Aires, 18 October 1842, explaining the reasons for Rosas' rejection, and followed by the thoughts of a citizen who had read the same note. With an Editor's note, signed J. G. Sedran, dated Montevideo, 3 December 1842. Possibly published Montevideo, hand-signed Juan Andres Golly
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: "Un ciudadano",
Date: 1842
Publisher: Imprenta del Nacional
Number of Pages: 18
Theme: Political Culture
Country/Region: Argentina
Keywords: Civil War, Federalism, Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rosas, International Relations, Unitarians
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