Mensaje del Gobierno del Estado a la Asamblea General Legislativa. 1.o de Mayo de 1858.

Government message to the Asamblea General Legislativa, including an urge for stronger external relations with foreign governments, details of diplomatic activities abroad, and news of the civil war in Uruguay and its alliance with Brazil. Followed by a financial report for the previous year, including details of, amongst others, import and export customs, port dues, income from stamped paper and patents, rents, public credit and debts, banks, customs ordinance, accounting, business statistics and the metric decimal system, and the government's account of the work of the Department of War and Navy, including recruitment, pensions, military school, national guard, the navy and navigation
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Alsina, Valentín and Pazos, José Barros and Riestra, Norberto de la and Zapiola, José Matias
Date: 1858
Place of Publication: Buenos Aires
Publisher: Imprenta de la Tribuna
Number of Pages: 25
Theme: Political Culture, Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Argentina
Keywords: Armed Forces, Government Institutions, Government Administration, Public Revenue, Taxation, International Relations, Civil War, International Commerce
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