Sermon del Apóstol San Pedro, predicado por el Canónigo Piñero En la Iglesia Catedral de Buenos Aires el dia 29 de Junio de 1859.

Sermon of the Apostle Peter, preached in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, 29 June 1859, by Canon Piñero, who uses the sermon to demonstrate the sovereignty of St Peter and the Catholic church over all followers and leaders of other faiths, as well as lay rulers and citizens
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Piñero, Martin Avelino
Date: 1859
Place of Publication: Buenos Aires
Publisher: Imprenta Americana
Number of Pages: 20
Theme: Church and State
Country/Region: Latin America
Keywords: Church and Society, Papal Authority, Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Sovereignty
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