Derrotero de las Islas Malvinas.

Information on the Falkland Islands, in four chapters. Chapter One includes general information about the islands, their history, statistical details, imports and exports, ports, tides, currents, weather, climate, flora, fauna and geology. Chapter Two covers the eastern island, and includes details of various settlements including Eddystone Rock, Cape Dolphin, Cape Bougainville, Port Saviour, Rock Uranie, Berkeley Bay and Port Johnson. Chapter Three covers the Falkland channel, and includes details of, amongst others, Port St. Charles, Newhaven Ruggles bay, White Rock Bay and Port Howard. Chapter Four includes details of various settlements on the western island, including Pebble Channel, Port Egmont, Carcass Island, Byron Bay, Christmas Bay and Beaver Harbour. Followed by 'Correspondencia de nomenclaturas en las cartas inglesas i españolas'. Signed 'B. J. Sulivan, Capitan de la marina inglesa'
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Sulivan, Bartholomew James
Date: 1882
Place of Publication: Santiago
Publisher: Imprenta Nacional
Number of Pages: 53
Translation/Edition Details: Translated from the English by M. De Coriolis, and from the French by La Oficina Hidrográfica
Theme: Political Culture, Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Argentina
Latin America
Keywords: Domestic Commerce, International Commerce, Intellectual Culture, Navigation, Infrastructure
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