Manifiesto de Fernando septimo a la Nacion Española. Decreto de abolicion de la Inquisicion, y Estado de la Peninsula hasta 15 de marzo del corriente año.

Public address from Ferdinand VII to the citizens of Spain, supporting the Constitution, followed by 'Ciudadanos Malagueños', confirming the king's support. Followed by 'Gacetas extraordinarias de Madrid. Artículos de oficio', dated 9 and 10 March 1820, reporting the king's swearing of the Constitution before the courts and the provisional junta, and the declaration of the incompatibility of the Inquisition with the Constitution. Possibly published Buenos Aires, 1820
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Anon.,
Publisher: Imprenta de los Expositos
Number of Pages: 2
Theme: Church and State, Political Culture
Country/Region: Latin America
Keywords: Constitutionalism, Monarchism, Civil Law, Ferdinand VII, Inquisition, Government Institutions
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