La chanfaina sequita. Carta al pensador mejicano.

Letter to 'El Pensador Mexicano', José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, concerning irregularities in the reinstated Spanish Constitution, with reference to the armed forces, public finance, the freedom of the press and domestic commerce. Followed by No. 2, 'La chanfaina se-quita', concerning the same subject. Signed 'El Irónico', possibly J. F. de Azcárate
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: "El Irónico",
Date: 1820
Place of Publication: Mexico City
Publisher: Oficina de D. Alejandro Valdes
Number of Pages: 15
Translation/Edition Details: Nos. 1, 2
Theme: Political Culture
Country/Region: Mexico
Keywords: El Pensador Mexicano, Constitutionalism, Armed Forces, Freedom of the Press, Domestic Commerce, Civil Law, Ferdinand VII, Monarchism, Government Institutions, Taxation
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