Representacion que los dueños y administradores de las casas de matanza hacen al Soberano Congreso pidiendo que se derogue la ley que previene se paguen los derechos de la Hacienda publica con dos terceras partes de plata y una de cobre.

Representation made by the owners and managers of slaughter houses in Mexico City to congress, asking for a repeal of the law preventing their payment of customs fees in two-thirds silver and one-third copper. Signed José Maria Andrade, Marcos Ruelas and others
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Anon.,
Date: 1836
Place of Publication: Mexico City
Publisher: Impreso por Mariano Arevalo
Number of Pages: 8
Theme: Economic Policy, Development and Ideas
Country/Region: Mexico
Keywords: Industry, Currency, Government Institutions, Government Administration, Civil Law, Taxation, Capital, Public Revenue, Community
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