Un bosquejo de los fraudes Que las pasiones de los hombres han introducido en nuestra santa Religion: Segunda censura del impreso intitulado un Bosquejo &c.

Anti-clerical discussion of the church and monarchy, advocating the creation of a new secular clergy and the extinction of religious orders
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: M. D. B.,
Date: 1820
Place of Publication: Mexico City
Publisher: Oficina de D. J. M. Benavente y Sócios
Number of Pages: 20
Translation/Edition Details: Reprint. Originally published Palma, 1813, reprinted Barcelona, 1820
Theme: Church and State
Country/Region: Mexico
Keywords: Catholicism, Constitutionalism, Civil Law, Monarchism, Government Administration, Ecclesiastical Law, Social Catholicism, Secularisation, Separation of Church and State
URI: http://liberalism-in-americas.org/id/eprint/898
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