Filigranas por Ricardo Palma aguinaldo á mis ámigos.

Book of poems, including works taken from Palma's book of memories, funeral wreath and autographic page. Also contains original works, in a section entitled 'Bronces', including 'A San Martín. Homenaje de un soldado de la patria vieja', read by the author on 28 July 1890 at the official ceremony of laying the first stone of the monument to San Martín, which prompted a diplomatic protest by the representative of Chile in Lima
Item Type: Book or pamphlet
Creators: Palma, Manuel Ricardo
Date: 1892
Place of Publication: Lima
Publisher: Imprenta de Benito Gil
Number of Pages: 22
Theme: Political Culture, Women and Gender
Country/Region: Peru
Keywords: Intellectual Culture, Independence, Romanticism, Revolution, José de San Martín
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