Semanario de las señoritas mejicanas educacion cientifica, moral y literaria, del bello sexo.

Weekly periodical published for the female citizens of Mexico. An example of the publications for women that appeared in Mexico around the period 1840-1855, aimed at fostering an image of the socially desirable woman, and reinforcing the traditional role of Mexican women through scientific instruction. Presented in three volumes. Volume three contains the following sections: 'Religion'; 'Moral'; 'Novelas y anecdotas morales'; 'Ciencias'; 'Literatura'; 'Cuadros de constumbres'; 'Cuadros caracteristicos'; 'Poesia'; 'Artes'; 'Educacion'; 'Viajes'; 'Modas' and 'Correspondencia estrangera'
Item Type: Periodical
Creators: Anon.,
Date: 1842
Place of Publication: Mexico City
Publisher: Imprenta de Vicente G. Torres
Number of Pages: 450
Theme: Women and Gender
Country/Region: Mexico
Keywords: Education, Gender Norms, Intellectual Culture, Gender Roles
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